How to add funds to my account on the website?
In order to top-up your Cases4Real account, first of all, make sure you logged in (using VK or Steam account); next, you need to click on “ADD FUNDS” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and enter the desired amount (you can also enter a coupon code to get a top-up bonus); then, choose one of two payment methods. Before you choose a preferred method, you need to accept the user agreement displayed on the screen.
Where can I find coupons for a top-up bonus?
You can find it on the YouTube channels of the bloggers, who are regularly opening our cases, in our FB community ( or you can also get it by completing the daily quests on the website.
Can I top up my balance with skins?
Yes, you can top up your balance with skins by choosing the payment method with skins. However, it is possible if only you have the Steam mobile app connected to your Steam account for instant trades without delay.
Am I able to have more than one account on your site?
No, you are not. Multiply accounts isn't allowed.
I didn’t get the money into my account, what I need to do?
First of all, check whether the money withdrawn from your bank account. If a withdrawal has occurred, make sure to take a screenshot of the receipt (often it can be found in the personal account of your payment system in the transaction details) and contact our support team on the website.

If you topped up your account with skins, firstly, reload the page and check whether the money was credited after completion of the trade; if it didn’t work out, please contact our customer support team and provide the following details: the SkinPay order number, the secret code and the amount of your top-up (you can find this information in your Steam profile in the history of outgoing trades).
I got a coupon for a top-up bonus, but got no code.
The coupon codes for a 40% top-up bonus to your account are sent daily from 10 to 11 a.m.  (GMT+3)
Someone from your administration/moderation/support team contacted me.
Cases4Real team can contact you only in order to conduct a survey. WE DO NOT BUY ITEMS OR ASK FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION. Please do not trust scammers.
How to identify scams/scammers?
The only account Cases4Real has on Steam is

To avoid getting scammed check the friends list (at the top of Cases4Real account there is a user with the nickname Velvet Cat) or check the account level (official Cases4real account has Steam level of 100!)
Why there are ranks on the website?
The ranks provide additional capabilities, such as the possibility to open the case ‘For pocket change’ or the ‘Cheater’s’ case. Moreover, users receive nice gifts for reaching certain ranks from the administration of our website ;)
I didn’t receive my item, what I need to do?
No worries. Keep calm. First of all, go to your Cases4Real inventory (many users confuse the profile page and the inventory page; inventory can be accessed through the home page by clicking on the ‘Inventory’ button) and check the status of the items you didn’t receive. You can check the status by clicking on the item. If you move the cursor to the red question mark, you will see the cause of the error.

Most of the items delivery problems you can solve yourself, but if you still have any questions, please contact customer support on our website.
How do I leave feedback?
You can leave feedback after one case opening.
Can I top up my balance by completing the daily quests on the website?
No. But you will get a 15%, 30% or 40% top-up bonus for completing the quests.